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Three Reasons Why Voter ID Laws Should Be the #1 Issue for the Occupy Movement

In early 2009, I had dinner with a prominent, conservative political operative at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. He calmly (and accurately) predicted that the 2010 mid-term election would see the largest Republican gains in half a century. He then leaned in and half-whispered, “but you haven’t seen anything yet. Just wait until 2012 … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Public Service Announcement Blames Rape Victims

Rape reporting, prosecution, and conviction rates across the country are appallingly low, but it’s easier to get away with sexual assault in some places compared to others.  Pennsylvania is one of those places. In Pennsylvania, expert testimony isn’t allowed in the courtroom.  Instead, jurors frequently rely on abundant, harmful rape myths. We shouldn’t be that surprised, then, that earlier this week the Pennsylvania … Continue reading