How to Spot Sexual Objectification: The CHIPS Test

The CHIPS Test is an easy way to identify sexual objectification. If the answer is “yes” to any of the following questions, the image you are looking at is sexually objectifying. 1) Commodity: Does the image show a sexualized person as a commodity, for example, as […]


Campus Rape: Why Not Law Enforcement?

Co-authored with Baillee Brown. Cross-posted at Ms. Blog. There’s one question about campus rape that comes up again and again: Why isn’t the crime handled exclusively by law enforcement? In a perfect world, the legal system would effectively arbitrate this crime, but given law enforcement’s […]

Harvard Law

Harvard Law Professors Join the Anti-Rape Movement Backlash

On October 15th, 28 current and retired Harvard Law professors penned an op-ed calling upon the university to abandon its new sexual harassment policy on the grounds that it violates the due process rights of the accused. According to emeritus professor Alan M. Dershowitz, the new policy is “political correctness run amok.” […]

Rape Myth

Campus Rape: Reporters and Rape Myths

Crossposted at Ms. Blog. Bloomberg News took the campus sexual assault backlash to a new low last week with a piece describing how “hook-up culture” is on the decline at elite colleges now that there’s a heightened awareness of sexual assault on campuses. The focus of the article is […]

Stop Victim

Campus Rape: The Second Wave of the Backlash Against Anti-Rape Activism

Much like the backlash of the 1980s and ’90s, today’s rape apologia comes in four distinct, but interconnected, forms: denying the problem exists, blaming the victim, vilifying whistleblowers and turning perpetrators into victims. Below, we outline the ways in which conservative backlashers are attempting to undermine the work of anti-rape activists—and, thankfully, how they’re failing.


How the Nuva Ring Nearly Killed Me

I nearly died this past weekend from a blood clot the doctors found lodged in my lungs (a pulmonary embolism). I have very few risk factors for this ailment, and my doctor concluded that this blood clot was caused by my use of the Nuva Ring birth control device.

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